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01/11/2012 - *** DX *** ( DARC DX Bulletin 1804 - 01/11/2012 - Por PY2KP ) *** DX ***

Notícia expirada, seu conteúdo possui somente valor histórico



     Sadao,JA1PBV, is working as 5T5BV in his favourite modes CW and RTTY
     during his spare time until Nov 9. QSL via homecall.
     See also: http://ito110.com

     Eric,SM1TDE, and his family are going to spend their holidays in Ukunda
     from Nov 5-22. He plans to work as 5Z4/SM1TDE only in CW on 40m-10m
     during his spare time. QSL via homecall.
     See also: http://www.sm1tde.bloggspace.se

     40 years ago in the night of October 27 sixty people died in the crash
     of a Vickers Viscount 724 of Air Inter (reg: F-BMCH). The plane was
     found with the help of amateur radio operators involved in the search.
     The special station TM40BMCH remembers this tragedy until Nov 4.
     QSL via F8DHE.
     See also: https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/TM40BMCH

     The special event station HG90ST is on air until Dec 31 to celebrate
     the 90th anniversary of Salgotarjan city. QSL via HA6NL, eQSL.

     Walter,HB9MFM, will be QRV as J79WTA on 10m-160m working holiday style
     with 500 watts, Spiderbeam and dipole from Salisbury until Dec 17.
     QSL via homecall.

     The special event station 8J1Y in Yamanashi-city on Honshu (AS-007,
     WLOTA 2376, JCC 1705) will be active in all modes on all bands during
     the "National Cultural Festival" from Nov 1-10. QSL via bureau.

     Dirk,DF3XX, will be QRV as OZ/KH6DXX from Romo (EU-125) until Nov 9.
     He plans to take part in the IPARC (International Police Association
     Radio Club) SSB Contest on Nov 4 as well. QSL via DF3XX.

     Albert,DB5IJ, Sven,DF9MV, Michael,DJ1MGK, and Mathias,DL5MFL, will be
     active from Curacao (SA-099, WLOTA 0942) signing PJ2/homecalls from
     Nov 6-15. They will join the Worked All Europe RTTY Contest (Nov 10/11)
     but will be QRV also in all modes on all bands before and after the
     WAEDC Contest. QSLs via homecalls.

     The special event station HF70TWARDY celebrates the 70th anniversary of
     the "Armia Krajowa" (Home Army) from Nov 1 until Dec 15. QSL via SP8MI.
     See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armia_Krajowa

     The Peel Amateur Radio Group (VK6ARG) celebrates its 30th jubilee with
     the special callsign VI6ARG30 from Nov 5-18. QSL via VK6VKS.

     Once again Mike,GM0HCQ, is active from onboard the Royal Research Ship
     "James Clark Ross" heading to the South Atlantic. Whilst in Antarctic
     and Falkland Islands waters he uses the call VP8CMH/mm, at all other
     times he uses GM0HCQ/mm. The ship will stop at King Edward Point on
     South Georgia on Nov 18/19 and Mike might be able to go ashore and be
     QRV as VP8SGK. QSLs for all calls via GM0HCQ (direct only), LoTW, eQSL.
     See also: http://www.gm0hcq.com

     Mal,VK6LC, returns to Vietnam for another DX holiday in November.
     His travel plans look like this:
       XV1LC   Beginning of November  North Vietnam
       XV2LC   End of November        Ho Chi Minh City
     Usually he can be found mostly in CW (only little SSB) on 20m and only
     very seldom on 17m or 12m. QSL via homecall, unfortunately only direct.
     Pictures and other information can be found on QRZ.com under VK6LC,
     XV1LC and XV2LC.

     John,YS1/NO7B, will stay in El Salvador from Nov 1-16 and will show up
     on 20m-6m (maybe also on 80m and 40m). QSL via homecall.

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

Nov 1-7   HA QRP Contest
Nov 3     IPA Radio Club Contest (QRX 1000-1400)
Nov 3/4   Ukrainian DX Contest
Nov 3/4   IARU Region 1 Marconi Memorial Contest VHF
Nov 4     HSC CW Contest (QRX 1100-1500)
Nov 4     IPA Radio Club Contest (QRX 1000-1400)
Nov 4     DARC 10m Digital Contest Corona
Nov 10/11 Worked All Europe (WAEDC) Contest, RTTY

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)
Island activities:
AF-004, EA8, Canary Islands: Karl-Heinz,EA8/DL5OK, is staying on Tenerife
     Island until Nov 22 and is working in holiday style in SSB and digital
     modes. QSL via DL5OK (bureau/direct).

NA-001, C6, Great Bahama Bank group: Bob,W9XY, will be QRV as C6AXY from the
     Breezes Bahamas Resort, Nassau, New Providence Island (WLOTA 1115,
     Loc FL15hb) from Nov 4-9. He will work holiday style in CW and SSB with
     a little RTTY and PSK31 on 40m-10m using his FT857D. The best chance
     is to work home during his morning or evening hours. QSL via W9XY.

NA-005, VP9, Bermuda Islands: Paul,VP9KF, will be active only in CW on 80-6m
     from the Hamilton Parish on Bermuda Island (WLOTA 0201, Loc FM72pi)
     from Nov 5-19. He plans to concentrate on the Greyline in JA.
     QSL only direct (see: http://www.vp9kf.com).

NA-103, VP2M, Montserrat: Babs,DL7AFS, and Lot,DJ7ZG, are on tour again.
     This time they will activate Montserrat (WLOTA 1475, Loc FK86vt) from
     Nov 5-19. Listen for VP2MYL (Babs) and VP2MGZ (Lot) in RTTY, PSK31,
     PSK63 and SSB on the usual DX frequencies on 80m-10m. QSL via DL7AFS.
     See also: http://www.qsl.net/dl7afs/Index_VP2M.html

OC-035, YJ, New Hebrides: Daniel,VK4AFU, will be active as YJ0AFU mainly in
     JT65A on 80m-10m from Port Vila in Vanuatu (Loc RH42dg) from Nov 3-10.
     If 6m opens he will work there in CW and SSB. QSL direct via N5AU.
     See also QRZ.com.

OC-038, ZL7, Chatman Islands: Hiro,JF1OCQ, will be QRV as ZL7A (maybe also
     as ZL1WY/ZL7) from Chatman Island (WLOTA 1627, Loc AE16) from Nov 1-9.
     Listen for him in CW, SSB and digital modes on 80-6m (focus on 80m/6m).
     He will install a beacon 50117 kHz during the whole time. His QRGs are:
     CW:   3507, 7007, 10107, 14027, 18077, 21027, 24897, 28027, 50117 kHz
     SSB:  3788, 7077/7157, 14170, 18127, 21270, 24937, 28470, 50117 kHz
     RTTY: 3622, 7032, 10141, 14087, 18101, 21087 24921, 28087, 50300 kHz
     QSL via JF1OCQ (bureau/direct). Bureau QSL can be requested via e-mail
     to jf1ocq@arrl.net. See also: http://w1vx.net/pedition/zl7/2012ZL7.htm

OC-135, P2, Solomon Islands: Hans,SM6CVX, will sign P29VCX on the HF bands
     from Bougainville Island (WLOTA 0814, Loc QI73) from Nov 6-9.
     QSL via SM6CVX (bureau/direct).

OC-271 (new), YB8, Babar Islands: Joppy,YB8XM, and Andy,YC0MVP, will show up
     as YB8XM/6 from the new IOTA reference Babar Island from Nov 1-6.
     QSL via YB9BU (bureau/direct). See: http://www.oc271.blogspot.jp  and

SA-087, LU, Santa Cruz Province North group: Ruben,LU3XEM, Luis,LU3XEI,
     Juan,LU1XBF, Edgar,LU5VAT, and Carlos,LU7DSY, are planning a DXpedition
     to Penguin Island. They will hand out IOTA points as LT0X from Nov 2-4.
     The last activity from this island took place 12 years ago. Since their
     QTH will be only 150m from the lighthouse (ARLHS ARG-010, WLOTA 1459,
     TWLHD WLH LU-006, Admiralty G1152, Loc FE72dc) this operation counts
     also for various lighthouse programs. Listen for them in CW, SSB and
     PSK31 on 80m-10m. QSL via LU7DSY (bureau/direct).

QSL information
3A/SP7VC    via SP7VC (L)
3B9FR       via HB9SLO (for QSOs starting from Oct 23, 2012), (*)
3V8BB       via LX1NO (d), (L)
4J0K        via RW6HS (d)
4K3K        via RW6HS (d)
4M1F        via YV1JGT (d)
4X130RISHON via 4Z4KX (L)
5N52EAM     via IK2IQD (d)
5T5BV       via JA1PBV (B)
6Y5/KQ1F    via KQ1F (B)
5T5BV       via JA1PBV (B)
5Z4/SM1TDE  via SM1TDE (B), (L)
8J1Y            (B)
9J2GR       via ZS6AYU (B)
A22LL       via ZS3O (B)
A61ZX       via EA7FTR (d)
A71CV       via NI5DX (B)
BY1RX/JT1BV via JT1BV (L), (d)
C37NL       via C37URA (B)
C50C        via OM2FY (B)
C6AXY       via W9XY (B)
CN3A        via IV3ZXQ
CP8MW       via DF7NX (B)
CR2X        via OH2BH (B)
CR3A            (L)
CT9/DL1EK   via DL1EK (B)
DM50UEA     via DL3BUA (B), eQSL
E2E         via HS0AC
E7DX        via E77E (B)
EA6/DK5IR   via DK5IR (B)
EA8/DL5OK   via DL5OK (B)
ED8W        via EA8DO
EF8S        via OH2BYS (B)
ET3AA       via N2OO (B) (*)
EX/UA4WHX   via UA4WHX (B), (L)
FG/TU5KG    via F4DXW (B)
GB0RME      via G4IAR (d)
GM0HCQ/mm   via GM0HCQ (d), (L), eQSL
HB9WFF      via HB9FBI (L)
HG90ST      via HA6NL (B), eQSL
HR9/NP3J    via EA5GL (d)
HR9/NP3JA   via JM6EBU (B)
HZ1MOP      via HZ1HN (d)
II9K        via IT9HBT
IL7/IK4JQQ  via IK4JQQ (B), (L), eQSL
IY4M        via I4KMW (*)
J38K        via K5KM
J38T        via KS5Z
J79WTA      via HB9MFM (B)
KP2/K3CT    via K3CT (d), (L)
KP2/K3TEJ   via K3TEJ (d)
KP2/N2TK    via N2TK (B)
KP2M        via AI4U (B)
LR3M        via LU3MAM (d), eQSL
LT0X        via LU7DSY (B)
LT1F        via AC7DX (B)
NP4G        via NP3O (L)
OG73X       via OH8L
OZ/KH6DXX   via DF3XX (B)
P29VCX      via SM6CVX (B)
PB100NAC    via PA1WLB (B)
PJ2/DB5IJ   via DB5IJ (B)
PJ2/DF9MV   via DF9MV (B)
PJ2/DJ1MGK  via DJ1MGK (B)
PJ2/DL4JS   via DL4JS (B)
PJ2/DL8AKI  via DL8AKI (B)
PJ2/DL5MFL  via DL5MFL (B)
PJ4/KM3T    via KM3T (L), (d)
P40Z        via K9UK (B)
PJ4X        via W1MD
PJ6/G4IUF   via G4IUF (B)
PJ7I        via JG2BRI
PJ7XK       via 7L4XDT
S79LC       via I5IHE (d)
S79YY       via I5OYY (B)
SV0JQ       via DK1TR (B)
SV8/DL8MCA  via DL8MCA (B)
T6SM        via DL3ASM (B)
T88EC       via JO1AEC (B)
TI5/W3TB    via W3TB (L)
TM12SF      via F5RSU
TM1O        via F5SDD
TM40BMCH    via F8DHE (B)
TM5CSV      via F8KFJ
TM6M        via F4DXW (B)
UA2K        via UA2FB (B)
UI2K        via UA2FZ
V25NY       via PY2NY
V26B        via KA2AEV (d), (L)
VI6ARG30    via VK6VKS
VK6XX       via VK6HZ (B)
VP2MGZ      via DL7AFS (B)
VP2MYL      via DL7AFS (B)
VP5/K9PPY   via K9PPY (B)
VP8CMH/mm   via GM0HCQ (d), (L), eQSL
VP8SGK      via GM0HCQ (d), (L), eQSL
VP9KF       via VP9KF (d)
VR2EH       via VR2ZQZ
XU7AEL      via ZL1DD (B)
XV1LC       via VK6LC (d)
XV2LC       via VK6LC (d)
XX9TXH      via EA7FTR
YB8XM/6     via YB9BU (B)
YE0X        via YB0ZZ (B)
YE2R        via YB3MM
YJ0AFU      via N5AU (d)
YS1/NO7B    via NO7B
Z60WW       via OH2BH (B)
ZL3X        via ZL3PAH, (L)
ZL7A        via JF1OCQ (B), OQRS, (L)
ZM4T        via ZL2AL (B) OQRS, (L)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)
(r) = e-mail request

QSLs arrived direct: 3D2AG/p

QSLs arrived bureau: 3B8/F6HMJ, 3D2YA (JA1NLX), 3W1M (OM3JW), 3XY1D (DL7DF),
                     3XY1D (DL7UFR), 4C1JPG, 4K9W (DL6KVA), 4L1MR (ON4RU),
                     4T100MP, 5Z4HW (DL7UFN), 9L5A (G3SXW), 9M2/SQ9UM,
                     9M2MRS (PA0RRS), A35YZ (DL7UFR), A61AJ (DJ2MX),
                     A65EE (IZ8CLM), A6/DL9WVM, A71AM, A92IO (EI3IO),
                     BG0GE/9, BT4EXPO (BA4EG), BV50CRA (BV2KI),
                     C21HA (HA5UK), C50C (OM2FY), D2AM (OM5OM),
                     ED9M (HA1AG), FK8DD (LZ1JZ), FM/R5GA, FR/TU5KG (F4EFI),
                     FS/DL2RUM, FS/DM2XO, J28RO (F8DFP), J5NAR (HA0NAR),
                     JD1BMH (JG7PSJ), MJ0ASP, OX3XR (OZ3PZ), PJ2/DL1THM,
                     PJ2/OE3JAG, PJ2/PA0VDV, PJ4/K4IQJ, PJ5/DL7VOG,
                     PJ5/SP6EQF, PJ5/SP6EQZ, PJ5/SP6IXF, PJ7PT (SP9PT),
                     R1ANR/A (RK1PWA), T2XG (JA1XGI), T32C (G3NUG),
                     T88NA (JK1FNL), TJ3AY (F5LGE), TO5T (JE1JKL),
                     TO8A (UA3DX), TX3A (HA7RY), V5/DJ2HD, YC9AOS,
                     YJ0VK (VK2CA), ZD8RH (G4DBW), ZF2OE (OE2WNL)

QSLs arrived LoTW:   AY4DX

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX Bulletin, DF6EX (WIN-QSL), DJ5AV,
NG3K, VA3RJ and others.
Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

Notícia expirada, seu conteúdo possui somente valor histórico

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