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08/08/2012 - *** DX *** ( DARC DX Bulletin 1792 - 08/08/2012 - Por PY2KP ) *** DX ***

Notícia expirada, seu conteúdo possui somente valor histórico


5H,  Tanzania:
     Roland, DL4ME will be QRV as 5H3ME from August 14th to September
     3rd during his vacation with his son Mike, 5H3EE. Operation will
     take place from 80 m to 6 m in CW and digital modes.
     QSL via homecall.

D6, Comoros:
     Fabrizio, IW3SQY, Paolo, IV3DSH, Antonello, IT9YVO, Franco, IZ8GCE,
     Giorgio, IZ4AKS, Les, SP3DOI, and Salvador C31CT/EA3QS will be
     active as D64K from August 8th to 21st from Comoros (AF-007).
     They will operate from 160 m to 6 m in all modes. QSL via IV3DSH.

DL, Germany:
     The two special event call signs DP775BLN and DQ775BLN will be
     QRV till the end of this year, celebrating the 775th anniversary
     of Berlin. These and other club stations from Berlin will have the
     special DOK BLN775. More than 10,000 QSOs have been logged so far.

     Also DP87SIXD will be QRV throughout the year, for the 87th Enduro
     Team World Championship (Six Days). For the first time in 23 years,
     the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) take place in Germany again.
     QSL via bureau.

FP,  St. Pierre et Miquelon:
     Mike, VE2XB, will be FP/VE2XB between August 10th and 20th from St.
     Pierre et Miquelon (NA-032) on all bands with a focus on 6 m. With a
     500W-PA by THP and a Hexbeam we can expect a good signal from him.
     QSL via  VE2XB.

G, England:
     GB2012OLY is one of the special stations for the Olympics 2012.
     QSL via M0DOL.

OD, Lebanon:
     Special event station OD5ARMY is QRV during August in celebration of
     the founding of the Lebanese Army. QSL via OD5NJ.

OJ0, Market Reef:
     Pasi OH3WS will be active as OJ0W from August 4th to 10th from Market
     Reef, (EU-053, ARLHS MAR-001, WLOTA 0542) in spare time. QSL via OH3WS.

ON, Belgium:
     On the occasion of the 29th Oldtimer FlyDrive-in in Schaffen on August
     11/12, the radio club ON4DST will activate the special call ON29IOF on
     80 m to 10 m in SSB and CW. QSL via ON4AMM.

SM, Sweden:
     SA0AEK, SA0AEX and SA0ASG plan to be active as SC0UT/5 until August
     10th from the Scout Camp Boomerang 2012 on Vassaro Island (EU-084).
     QSL via SC0UT (b).

SP, Poland:
     Until October 2nd, the special call sign SN63DNI will be on the air
     to remember the 63rd anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.
     QSL via SP5NHV. 

     A list of more than 1500 Polish special call signs since 2007 can be
     accessed at:

UA, Russia:
     Members of the AFARU (Armed Forces Amateur Radio Union) will be
     active as R100WWS from any areas of Russia between August 10th to
     18th to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Military Air Forces
     of Russia (formed on August 12, 1912).
     QSL via RV3YR.

VU7, Lakshadweep:
     Members of the Bangalore Amateur Radio Club (VU2GGM, VU2GSM, VU2JHM,
     VU2LU, VU2LX and VU2UR) have been granted permission to operate from
     the Lakshadweep Islands. They will use the call sign VU7M from
     Minicoy Isl. (AS-106) and lighthouse from August 13th to 22nd with
     a "humble HF station". QSL via VU2JHM.

YB, Indonesia:
     Members of the YB Land DX Club (YBDXC) will activate the special
     event station YB67RI between August 10th and August 17th, celebrating
     the 67th anniversary of Indonesia's independence.
     QSL via YB2DX direct or LoTW only.

YL, Latavia:
     Vitaly, YL3AFK, Alex YL3BU, Evgeny, YL2TD and Grigorij, YL2NS will
     be active on the 11th and 12th of August 2012 from Edole Castle
     (WCA YL-00022, COTA-YL Z-007, WW Loc. KO07ua) as YL11WCA on the
     HF bands in CW and SSB close to the WCA frequencies.
     QSL via bureau. Their log will be uploaded to WCA E-Log.

YN, Nicaragua:
     Ben, TI4SU is QRV as HT9H to commemorate the 250th anniversary of
     the Battle of the Rio San Juan. QSL via TI4SU, direct.

     The Solomon Island activation of H44UD (2012) was approved for
     DXCC credit..

New deadline for CQ-Contests: 
     The log submission deadline for the CQ-Contests has been reduced to
     five days after the end of the contest. Extensions may be given on
     request (questions@cqww.com) under certain circumstances. The first
     contest affected by this new deadline will be the CQ WW SSB Contest
     taking place in October.

Aug 11/12    WAE DX Contest (CW)

IOTA                compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG  (e-mail: iota@dxhf.darc.de)

Island activities:

AF-006; VQ9; Diego Garcia Island: Chuck, W4XP, plans to be active from
     August 9th to 25th from Diego Garcia Atoll (AF-006, WLOTA 1645,
     LOC MI62) as VQ9XP from the club station VQ9X. The focus of his
     activity is 6 m, he's also QRV on HF.
     QSL direct via W4XP and LotW.

AS-105; HL2; Kyonggi-Do Province group: Tai, DS2NMJ, will be active
     from Yonghung Do (AS-105) on August 12/13 as DS2NMJ/2. He will
     be QRV only in SSB on 15 m and 12 m.
     QSL via DS2NMJ (direct or bureau).

EU-012; GM/MM; Shetland and Fair Isle: Members of the Grantham Amateur
     Radio Club members (Alan, G0RCI, Pete M0USY, Harry G7DEH, M0UXX,
     Dave G4IAR, Judith G4IAQ and Alec M0PUD) will be active as GS0GRC
     from Bressay Isle (IOSA SH06, SCOTIA SI08, WLOTA 1079, LOC IP90,
     WAB HU43), Shetland & Fair Isle (EU-012) from 14th to 19th August.
     QSL via G0RCI (direct or bureau).

     Dave, G4IAR and Judith, G4IAQ will also activate the Bressay-
     Kirkabister Ness lighthouse (BARLS A3776, ILLW UK0035, ARLHS
     SCO-021, TWLHD WLH GM-009, WLOTA 1079) as GB0BL on the ILLW.
     Additional activities include using the WAB Awards Group Call
     GM4WAB from WAB HU43.
     QSLs via G4IAR (direct or bureau).

EU-014; TK; Corsica Island: Jack, IZ3DBA, will be active from Corsica
     (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA 1390) as TK0/IZ3DBA from
     8-16th August.
     QSL via IZ3DBA (direct or bureau, LotW, eQSL)

EU-015; SV9; Crete Island: SV1GSU will be active from Crete Island
     (IOTA EU-015) from August 4th to 8th as SV9/SV1GSU on 40 m, 20 m
     and 15 m in CW, SSB and PSK31.
     QSL via SV1GSU.

EU-026; JW; Spitsbergen Island: Torkel, LA6VJA and Fredrik, LA6TMA plan
     to be active as JW6VJA and JW6TMA, respectively, from Longyearbyen,
     Spitsbergen Island (EU-026, WLOTA 0125), Svalbard Archipelago, from
     10th to 12th of August. JW6VJA plans to be on CW and SSB while
     JW6TMA will mostly use digital modes.
     QSL via home calls.

EU-028; IA5 Tuscany Region Group incl. Toscano Archipelago: Paolo, IZ5NFD
     will be active holiday style as IA5/IZ5NFD from Elba Island (EU-028)
     on August 6th to 12th. Look for him to operate mainly in CW in the
     early mornings around 5 UTC and after 21 UTC on 40 m to 2 m.
     QSL via IZ5NFD (direct or bureau)

EU-038; PA; Noord Holland/Friesland/Groningen Province group: Texel Island
     is the second planned destination of Marco/IZ3GNG between August 13th
     and 16th (WLOTA 0043, LOC JO23), using PA/IZ3GNG on the HF bands.
     QSL via IZ3GNG (direct or bureau)

EU-042; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State North West group: Mike, DG5LAC/p will
     spend his vacations on Amrum Island (WLOTA 2426) between August 11th
     and 24th. He also plans an activity from DLFF-013 (National Park
     Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer); note that those activities
     from DLFF-013 do not count for IOTA and vice versa.
     QSL via DG5LAC (direct or bureau, LotW)

EU-052; SV; Ipeiros/ Dytiki Ellas Region group: Fabio, IZ7FLQ, will be
     touring Greek Islands starting on August 8th through August 18th.
     He will be active from Lefkada, Itaca, Meganisi, Kefallonia Islands
     with the following callsigns and references:
     SV8/IZ7FLQ/LI Lefkada    no IOTA
     SV8/IZ7FLQ/TI Itaca      EU-052
     SV8/IZ7FLQ/MI Meganisi   EU-052
     SV8/IZ7FLQ/KI Kefallonia EU-052
     The activation of further islands may be possible.
     QSL via IZ7FLQ (direct or bureau)

EU-056; LA; More og Romsdal County Centre group: From August 13th to 17th
     Glenn LA8XRA and Trond, LA9VDA will be active as LA6Q from Sandoy
     Island. It will be the first activation of WLOTA LH-2769. Activities
     will take place in CW, SSB and RTTY from 80 m to 10 m.
     QSL via LA9VDA (direct or bureau, requests via la9vda[at]gmail.com).

EU-064; F; Pays de la Loire Region group: Geoffrey, F4FVI, Chris, HB9ELV,
     Johan F4GTD, Phillipe F5TRO and Nicolas F8BDB plan to operate as
     TM1NOI from Barbatre, Ile de Noirmoutier (EU-064, DIFM AT020, WLOTA
     1224) from August 12th to 14th. They will be active around the IOTA
     frequencies in SSB.
     QSL via HB9ELV (direct) or F4FVI (bureau) and LotW/eQSL.

EU-079; LA; More og Romsdal County South group: Glenn, LA8XRA and Trond,
     LA9VDA plan activate Jonsholmen Island (EU-079) as LA6Q from August
     10th to 13th. Activities will be on 80 m to 10 m in CW/SSB/RTTY.
     They may make short side trips to Dimna Island (EU-079, WLOTA 2438)
     and Nerlandsoy Island (EU-079, WLOTA 2193).
     QSL via LA9VDA (direct or bureau)

EU-132; SP1; Szczecin/Koszalin Province group: From August 10th to 19th,
     Jacek/SP5OXJ will be active from Karsibor (SPFF-269) as SP5OXJ/1.
     Activities will take place on the HF bands in CW and digital modes.
     QSL via SP5OXJ (direct, bureau, LotW)

EU-135; SM2 Vasterbotten District Group: Tomas, SM3DMP will be active as
     SF2CW from Holmon Island (EU-135) on August 6th to 9th.
     QSL via SM3DMP (direct or bureau)

EU-146; PA; Zuid Holland/ Zeeland Province group: Marco, IZ3GNG will be
     active as PA/IZ3GMG on 40 m to 6 m in SSB from Schouwen-Duiveland
     (EU-146, WLOTA 3089, LOC JO11) on August 8th to 12th.
     QSL via IZ3GMG (direct or bureau)

EU-165; I*0; Sardinia's Coastal Islands: Massimo/I0PNM will be active as
     IM0/I0PNM from S.Pietro Island (IOTA EU-165) from August 10th to
     September 3rd on 20 m to 10 m mostly SSB, RTTY and PSK31.
     QSL via I0PNM (direct only)

     Operators Ron, KB9NW, Frank, K9TIE and Fritz, WD9FMB will activate
     and try to qualify Coopers Island  (USi IL040, LOC EN50en), located
     in the Illinois River, Tazewell County, Illinois, on 11th of August
     using the special callsign K9C. They will be QRV around 7250 kHz,
     21350 kHz, 28450 kHz but mainly 14250 kHz to 14260 kHz.
     QSL via WD9FMB.

QSL information
2O0VDS            via    2E0VDS
3B8CW             via    NI5DX        (B)
5H3ME             via    DL4ME        (B)
6K13KJ            via    HL0CHD       (B)
8J2NDP/3                              (B)
9A/VE3ZIK         via    DK8ZZ        (B), (L), eQSL
D2QR              via    RW6HS        (d)
D64K              via    IV3DSH       (B)
DG5LAC/p          via    DG5LAC       (B)
DP87SIXD                              (B)
DS2NMJ/2          via    DS2NMJ       (B)
ED7YAD            via    EA7URM       (B)
EN5RFF            via    UT1RT
ES0W              via    SP7DPJ       (B)
ES7FHELL          via    ES7FU        (B)
EV140OP           via    EW7DK        (B)
EX2F              via    RW6HS        (d)
F/M0CUL           via    M0CUL
F4BKV/p           via    F4BKV        (B)
F4FET/p           via    F4FET
FP/VE2XB          via    VE2XB        (B)
GB0BL             via    G4IAR        (B)
GB2012OLY         via    M0DOL
GM4WAB            via    G4IAR        (B)
GO1VDP            via    M0URX        (B)
GO3TXF            via    G3TXF        (B)
GS0GRC            via    G0RCI        (B)
HB9FBG/p          via    HB9FBG       (B)
HB9FBG/p          via    HB9FBG       (B)
HF20RPL           via    SP9PRR
HF20RPL           via    SP9PRR
HG3IPA            via    HA3JB        (d)
HG460EV           via    HA6VA
HK2PMR            via    EA5GL        (d)
HR2/NP3J          via    EA5GL        (L), (d)
HT9H              via    TI4SU        (d)
I2/ON4ENL         via    ON4ENL       (B)
I6/IZ0MQN/p       via    IZ0MQN       (B)
IA5/IZ5NFD        via    IZ5NFD       (B)
II3PIC            via    IV3FIV       (B), eQSL
IK/AL3T           via    DL7ET        (B)
IK2/DF5DN         via    DF5DN        (B)
IM0/I0PNM         via    I0NM         (d)
IM0/I2KQE         via    I2KQE
IN3/I3GNQ         via    I3GNQ
IW6NZY/p          via    IW6NZY       (B)
JH1OGT/BY1RX      via    JH1OGT
JW6TMA            via    LA6TMA       (B)
JW6VJA            via    LA6VJA       (B)
K9C               via    WD9FMB       (B)
LA6Q              via    LA9VDA       (B)
LX/PA7AL          via    PA7AL        (B)
LY/RA5FB          via    RA5FB        (B), (L), eQSL
LZ916SS           via    LZ1KCP       (B)
MX0HFC            via    G1EYY
NP3CW             via    EB7DX        (d)
OD5ARMY           via    OD5NJ        (B)
OH0/OH3WS         via    OH3WS        (B)
OJ0W              via    OH3WS        (B)
ON29IOF           via    ON4AMM       (B)
PA/IZ3GNG         via    IZ3GNG       (B)
PC25HR            via    PC2F         (B)
R100WWS           via    RV3YR        (B)
R10RLHA/1         via    RA1QY        (B)
R1812SM           via    RV3LZ
R35CZF            via    RV9CVA
RA9YJY/p          via    RA9YJY       (B)
RA9YJY/p          via    RA9YJY       (B)
RU9YF/p           via    RU9YF        (B)
RU9YF/p           via    RU9YF        (B)
SC0UT/5           via    SC0UT        (B)
SF2CW             via    SM3DMP       (B)
SN63DNI           via    SP5NHV       (B)
SP5OXJ/1          via    SP5OXJ       (B)
SU1IE             via    HA3JB        (d)
SV5/RD1AP         via    RD1AP
SV8/IZ7FLQ        via    IZ7FLQ       (B)
SV9/LZ3FN         via    LZ1PM        (B)
SV9/LZ3FN         via    LZ1PM        (B)
TK0/IZ3DBA        via    IZ3DBA       (B), (L)
TM1NOI            via    F4FVI        (B), HB9ELV (d)
UA9YIY/p          via    UA9YIY       (B)
UA9YIY/p          via    UA9YIY       (B)
UF0A/0            via    UF0A         (B)
UF0A/0            via    UF0A         (B)
UT/RL6LP                              (L), eQSL
VQ9XP             via    W4XP         (d)
VU7M              via    VU2JHM       (B)
W9I               via    KB9BVN       (d)
XV9NPS            via    JA2NPS       (B), JA2ODB (d)
YB67RI            via    YB2DX        (d), (L)
YF1AR             via    N2OO         (B)
YL11WCA                               (B)
YV7/UA9YAB        via    UA9YAB       (B)
YV7/UA9YPS        via    UA9YPS       (B)
YV7BMZ            via    EA7FTR
ZF2GG             via    W4SIG        (B)
ZP0B              via    ZP5KO        (B)
ZP5AJR            via    PY4KL        (B)

(d) = direct only      (B) = Bureau ok
(*) = new Manager      (L) = LoTW

* QSLs received via LoTW: 4W6EB
* QSLs received via bureau:
  6W7RV, 8J1RL, 8P9JG (W2CZ), A25FC (ON4CJK), CQ4IPY (CT1BWW),

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (fuer WIN-QSL),
Nouvelles DX, NG3K, VA3RJ, u.a.

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

Notícia expirada, seu conteúdo possui somente valor histórico

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