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01/05/2012 - Noticia de DX - Por Claudio Gimenez - PY2KP

Notícia expirada, seu conteúdo possui somente valor histórico

     Freddy,F5IRO, is expected to return to Uganda in early May. The exact
     date is not known yet. With the help of David,5X1D (KH9AE), he hopes to
     get his licence during the first week. He plans to become QRV in CW on
     the highbands and on 30m in the evening, some PSK may be possible also.
     QSL via F8DFP. See: http://j28ro.blogspot.com

7O, YEMEN, AS-028
     After 2 years of preparation and the support of four ministries 11 OPs
     plan to become active as 7O6T from Hadiboh on Socotra Island (AS-028)
     from Apr 30, 2100 UTC, until May 15, 2100 UTC. They will use five
     Elecraft K3 and Kenwood TS-590 in CW, SSB and RTTY on 160m-10m on
     following frequencies:
     CW:   1824, 3504, 7004, 10104, 14024, 18074, 21024, 24894, 28024 kHz
     SSB:  1845, 3780, 7065/7180, 14145, 18145, 21295, 24945, 28495 kHz
     RTTY: 7035, 10140, 14080, 18100, 21080, 24920, 28080 kHz. QSL via UA3DX
     See also: http://www.yemen2012.com  and  https://twitter.com/#!/7o6t

     In DXNL 1769 we informed about the successful exam of Jan 27.
     Here are the new callsigns:
        9Q1AD   Diluzeyi Angelique
        9Q1AK   Kitete Agnes
        9Q1ALA  Akongunuka Annie
        9Q1BT   Tshiela Brigite
        9Q1CM   Makiamfu Jean Claude
        9Q1DN   Ngelebeya Dieudonne
        9Q1FS   Sua Francoise
        9Q1HM   Mbenga Hermes
        9Q1HN   Ngilima Henry
        9Q1JI   Ifaso Jean Maurice
        9Q1JL   Lukusa Jean Willy
        9Q1KM   Mpinda Khal
        9Q1LE   Enyeka Lazare
        9Q1LJ   Lihau Jeanine
        9Q1MM   Mbuyi Marie Louise
        9Q1MP   Mangala Jean Pierre
        9Q1NH   Nsele Hortense
        9Q1NW   Watuala Webe Nicole
        9Q1PM   Pascal Mbuyi
        9Q1RE   Ekaya Robert
        9Q1RM   Muamba Richard
        9Q1WM   Mulumba Wamans
        9Q1YM   Muaka Ngimbi Yvette
     ON4CFC receives the call 9Q1CFC and 9Q0AR will become active also soon.

     Daniel,ZS6JR (C91JR), and Dior,ZS6DJD, will be active for 7 to 10 days
     starting on May 3 or 4 from the small lake Shai Shai about 400 km north
     of the capital Maputo using verticals on 40m-10m (maybe also 80m or 6m)
     and a Hexbeam. Dior's callsign could be C91JD or C91DJ or C91DN.
     Preferred frequencies are on 20m: 14210, 14200, 14195, 14190 kHz;
     15m: 21280, 21275, 21270, 21265, 21250 kHz; 10m: 28450, 28470,28500 kHz
     More details are not known.
     QSL for C91JR only direct via GI4FUM, QSL for Dior via homecall.

     Some HAMs from the region Cologne/Bonn will activate the special event
     station DL125HHZ (special DOK HHZ125) during the special exhibition
     "Heinrich Hertz - From arcing to the radio wave" in the German Museum
     in Bonn from Apr 26 until Jan 13, 2013.

     Some members of the "Gran Canaria DX Group" and the local URE club will
     sign EG8WFF from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in SSB, CW and RTTY on
     all bands on May 5/6. QSL via EA8AKN.

     From May 5 until June 10 British HAMs may use a special prefix to
     celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The second letter of the prefix
     will be replaced by a Q, calls with a single letter prefix add a Q:
        2E0aaa will be 2Q0aaa
        2M0aaa will be 2Q0aaa
        G3aaa  will be GQ3aaa
        GM3aaa will be GQ3aaa
        GX3aaa will be GQ3aaa
        M3aaa  will be MQ3aaa

     The "Tera Radio Club" (HB9OK) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the
     railroad "Lugano-Ponte Tresa" between May 7 and Jun 9 by using the
     special callsign HB100FLP in all modes on all bands. A special award
     will be issued as well. QSL via HB9OCR. See also: http://www.hb9ok.ch
     Nicola,HB0/IN3ADW, and Luca,HB0/IN3HUU, will be QRV in SSB and some
     RTTY on 40m-10m (depending on the conds) from May 8-12. Listen for them
     on: 7110-7130, 18125-18135, 14215-14225, 24945-24955 kHz.
     QSLs via homecalls.

     After seven years of negotiations France and Thailand issue reciprocal
     licenses now. Alain,F6HBR (ex FO8FW/FR5EM), is HS0ZKG since Apr 25. He
     is working mainly in CW and some PSK and RTTY from Koh Samui (AS-101).
     Gerald,F8DEG, is also living in Thailand and will be the second French
     HAM with a HS0Zxx callsign.

     In the last DXNL we announced the QSL route of W2GJ/KH0 via homecall.
     His homecall is JL1FUQ.

     A few members of the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio League (PRARL) will
     activate five islands as KP4ES on all bands (IOTA QRGs) on May 5:
       Isla Palominitos (USi PR010, Fajardo county)
       Cayo Icacos      (USi PR008, Fajardo county)
       Cayo Ratones     (USi PR028, Fajardo county)
       Isla Pineros     (USi PR042, Ceiba county)
       Cabeza de Perro  (USi PR014, Ceiba county)
     QSL via NP3O. See also: http://prarl.org

     Alex,LZ1ADF, Boyan,LZ1BJ, Valyo,LZ1DOT, Ned,LZ1DX, Slav,LZ1MC,
     Gosho,LZ1ZF, Boris,LZ2JR, Krasi,LZ2UW, and Emil,LZ3HI, will use the
     special callsign LZ67VZ via EME on 432.144 MHz, 2320.144 MHz and
     2304.144 MHz from May 5, 0800 UTC, until May 9, 1400 UTC. LZ67VZ is
     working also in digital modes on DMC# 5525 DMC and EPC# 18090 EPC.
     Skeds can be arranged via e-mail to: lz1dx@lz1dx.org
     The callsign is to remember General Vladimir Zaimov. QSL via bureau.

     Anja,PJ2/DH2AK, and Torsten,PJ2/DL1THM, will be active in holiday style
     from the PJ2A clubstation mainly in SSB on 15m-20m from May 5-18.
     QSL via bureau to their homecalls, for direct QSL routes check QRZ.com.
     See also: http://twitter.com/#!/dl1thm

     The special event station R1945HS active during May remembers the end
     of WW2 67 years ago. QSL via RW6HS, unfortunately only direct.

     A few members of the Crimean Radio Club are also celebrating the end of
     WW2 by using the special call EM67J from May 1-15.
     QSL via K2PF, unfortunately only direct, later also via LoTW.
     The special event station EM80L marks the 80th annivesary of the region
     Kharkov until Aug 26. They will activate all 42 districts. A special
     award will be issued as well, for further details see QRZ.com.
     QSL via US0LW.

     Seppo,OH1VR/VP9, and Egbert,OH1ZAA/VP9, will be QRV in CW and SSB on HF
     and 6m from May 7-13. QSLs via homecalls, OH1VR/VP9 only direct.

     26 special 1x1 calls will be activated during the 20th anniversary of
     the "CTRI Contest Group" from Connecticut (K1C, K1Q, K1R, K1T, N1M,
     N1Q, W1A), Rhode Island (K1B, K1D, K1G, K1J, K1K, K1L, K1O, K1U, K1W,
     N1H, N1R, W1M, W1R, W1W, W1Y), Massachusetts (K1N, K1V, W1B) and
     Vermont (K1M) from May 1-15. QSL via NG1G.
     The special event station K1A is working from the McAuliffe-Shepard
     Discovery Center in Concord/New Hampshire (KA1SKY) from May 1-15 to
     mark the 51st jubilee of the first American in space. QSL via KK1KW.
     See also: http://www.k1bke.org/planetarium/ka1sky.htm  and

     The special event station 6J5M will be QRV during the "Cinco de Mayo"
     festivities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the battle of Puebla
     from May 1-6. QSL via XE1AMF. See also: http://150.puebladx.org

     Simon, HS0ZIB, is working as a volunteer teacher (English, Thai,
     computers) in primary schools alternately in Thailand and Myanmar for
     one week each. He has now received a license as XZ1K. This will not be
     Big Gun station. In the beginning he will work only in SSB on 10m or
     in on 20m and maybe also 40m in SSB and PSK. He has no radio for 6m and
     hast to build wire antennas for the lowbands. Expect CW a little later
     when he has more practice. Since this is not a DXpedition and he wants
     to stay as long as possible there is no need for hurrying.
     Bureau QSLs can be requested via OQRS and a donation of 5$. The log
     will be uploaded also to the LoTW and eQSL.
     See also: http://www.xz1k.org  and  http://www.myanmarteachers.org

     The two brothers Mike,ZB3M, and Ed,ZB2ER, are using the special calls
     ZQ3M and ZQ2ER to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee between May 5
     and Jun 10. QSLs via ZB3M, unfortunately only direct.

     Rory Meyer,ZS6RGV, is the new radio operator on the Marion Island base
     but expect him to be very busy with his job during the first weeks.
     His equipment includes aN IC-736 and FL-7000. ZS1HF (ex ZS8M) is going
     to help him with applying for a ZS8 call and will be his QSL manager.

     The ST0R team was awarded the "DXpedition of the Year" at the
     DX Convention in Visalia.

V55V video
     Suad,DK6XZ, uploaded a slide show of the V55V DXpedition to YouTube:

LINKS: Current SOTA activities (mountain summits) are announced at:
     Detailed information about current VHF activities can be found on the
     VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: http://www.MMMonVHF.de

May 5/6   ARI International DX Contest

Island activities:
AS-138, BY5, Fujian Province group: A team led by Dale,BA4TB, will activate
     Gulangyu Island (South China, coast of Xiamen) as BY1WXD/5 in all modes
     on all bands from May 4-7. QSL via BA4TB (bureau/direct/LoTW).

EU-028, I*5, Toscana Region group: Fabio,IW1DFU/IA5, is working in holiday
     style from Elba Island until May 6. Listen for him mainly during the
     afternoon and the night running a K2 with 15 watts (mostly in CW).
     QSL via homecall (bureau/direct).

EU-042, DL, Schleswig-Holstein State North West group: Siggi,DL3HBZ,
     Lothar,DL8HAL, Helge,DF6LPC, Uli,DJ9IE, and Benjamin,DB2LS, will be
     QRV from Hallig Hooge/Ockenswarft in the national park and Biosphere
     reserve Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea (DLFF-013). Listen for DL0DFF
     and DK0RZ (in PSK) on all HF bands from May 2-5. QSL via bureau.
     Direct QSLs for DL0DFF via DL3HBZ and for DK0RZ via DL5HAQ.

EU-146, PA, Zuid Holland/Zeeland Province group: PI4WBR is working in SSB
     on the IOTA frequencies on 80m-10m from Schouwen-Duiveland (WLOTA 3089)
     until May 6. QSL via PA3FTX (bureau/direct).

NA-143, W5, Texas State East group: Joe,K5KUA/5, will be QRV again only in
     CW from Galveston Island from May 4-7. QSL via homecall.

QSL information
3Z2X        via SP2YWL (L), (d)
4K9SONG     via DL6KVA (B)
4S7BRG      via LZ3HI (B)
5F7SIA      via G5XW (B)
5X?         via F8DFP (B)
6J5M        via XE1AMF (B)
7O6T        via UA3DX
9A203XM/p   via 9A3XM
9H3XX       via DJ2EH (B)
AA1BV       via JT1BV (L), (d)
BY1WXD/5    via BA4TB (B), (L)
C6AGW       via I2VGW (B)
DL0DFF      via (B), DL3HBZ (d)
DK0RZ       via (B), DL5HAQ (d)
IW1DFU/IA5  via IW1DFU (B)
K5KUA/5     via K5KUA (B,) (L)
EG7ODN      via EA7RCM (B)
EG7SCD      via EA7IZI (B)
EK97GM      via EK bureau
EM0IFF      via UX2IF
EG8WF       via EA8AKN (B)
EK97GB      via EK bureau
EK97GM      via EK bureau
EK97H       via EK bureau
EK97KE      via EK bureau
EK97LP      via EK bureau
EK97OLA     via EK bureau
EK97SI      via EK bureau
EK97TA      via EK bureau
EM67J       via K2PF (d), (L)
EM80L       via US0LW (B)
EM80L/a     via US0LW (B)
EM80L/p     via US0LW (B)
EY8MM       via K1BV (B)
F/W0ND/p    via W0ND (B)
HB0/DL2SBY  via DL2SBY (B)
HB100FLP    via HB9OCR (B)
HS0ZKG      via (B)
K1A         via KK1KW (B)
K1B         via NG1G
K1C         via NG1G
K1D         via NG1G
K1G         via NG1G
K1J         via NG1G
K1K         via NG1G
K1L         via NG1G
K1M         via NG1G
K1N         via NG1G
K1O         via NG1G
K1Q         via NG1G
K1R         via NG1G
K1T         via NG1G
K1U         via NG1G
K1V         via NG1G
K1W         via NG1G
KA9FOX      via W9RPM (B), (L)
KH7XS/W4    via K4XS (d)
KP4ES       via NP3O
LZ40YG      via LZ1YG
LZ67VZ      via (B), (L)
MQ0MDR      via M0MDR
N1H         via NG1G
N1M         via NG1G
N1Q         via NG1G
N1R         via NG1G
OH1VR/VP9   via OH1VR (d)
PJ2/DH2AK   via DH2AK (B)
PJ2/DL1THM  via DL1THM (B)
PI4WBR      via PA3FTX (B)
R1945HS     via RW6HS (d)
TC23NSN     via YM3KT (d)
TF3/DF8AN/p via DF8AN (B)
TM1F        via IK2DUW (B)
V63QFL      via JH3QFL (B)
W1A         via NG1G
W1B         via NG1G
W1M         via NG1G
W1R         via NG1G
W1W         via NG1G
W1Y         via NG1G
W2GJ/KH0    via JL1FUQ (B) 
XZ1K        via (B) OQRS, (L), eQSL
YM2XBU      via TA3ASX (d)
YT16IARU    via YU1EA (B)
ZQ3M        via ZB3M (d)
ZQ2ER       via ZB3M (d)
ZW5B        via K3IRV (B)

(d) = only direct
(B) = bureau ok
(*) = new QSL manager
(L) = Logbook of the World (LoTW)

Notícia expirada, seu conteúdo possui somente valor histórico

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